Being a member of the OMH Auxiliary is like giving of yourself twice. The time and energy benefits the Auxiliary which in turn benefits the Hospital. That’s why I volunteer here.

— 22-Year OMH Auxiliary Volunteer

Volunteers at Otsego Memorial Hospital must join the Otsego Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. The Auxiliary was formed with the Hospital in 1951 and donates more than $40,000 per year and hundreds of hours of service to OMH and McReynolds Hall annually. Volunteers may support the Auxiliary by becoming associate or active members. Volunteer opportunities with the OMH Auxiliary include the many fundraisers, working in the OMH Gift Shop, or becoming a greeter in the Hospital’s main lobby. The Auxiliary also has an annual scholarship program to support area students.

About Us

Since 1951, the Otsego Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has provided volunteer services to the hospital and its long-term care facility, McReynolds Hall. The Auxiliary has supported OMH through building projects, staff additions, and equipment purchases. The members’ time and talents have been generously donated to patients, guests, nurses, doctors, and staff.

Auxilian Services

While some Auxilians have direct contact with patients through their volunteer work, others help out behind the scenes. The following are ways to volunteer as a member of the Auxiliary:

  • Department Specific Tasks
  • Greeters Program
  • Helping Hands (McReynolds Hall)
  • OMH Gift Shop
  • Surgical Waiting Room Host/Hostess

Auxiliary Projects

To fund its contributions to the hospital, the Auxiliary hosts ongoing projects including the following:

  • Bake sales
  • Cherry Pink Dinner Dance
  • Chocomania (Valentine bake sale)
  • Wreath Wars
  • Holiday Tables/China Raffle
  • Jewelry Sale
  • Rose Day
  • Uniform Sales
  • Book Sale


Auxiliary Membership

Participating in the OMH Auxiliary helps meet the needs of the hospital through service and support. Annual dues are $10 for an active member (volunteer requirement of 40 hours annually), $16 per couple, husband/wife active members; or $25 for an associate member (no minimum volunteer requirements), or $50 per couple. For more information, call Kim Biddinger, OMH Development Specialist at (989) 731-7769, or the OMHA Gift Shop at (989) 731-2409.