Visitor Information

Family members and friends can be an important part of the healing process, and we want visitors to feel welcome at Otsego Memorial Hospital. Patients need proper rest to heal, so we ask that you only visit during our designated visiting hours.

Visiting Hours

Family members and friends are welcome to visit during the following times:

General Visiting Hours

11 am to 8 pm

Special visiting arrangements may be made under certain circumstances. Spending the night is discouraged because both patients and visitors need their rest. After 8 pm, all visitors will be required to check in at the Emergency Department registration desk.

Birthing Center

11 am to 8 pm

The primary support person may visit at anytime and is invited to spend the night on the sleep chair. Children may visit during general visiting hours, but are not allowed to spend the night. Visiting children should always be in the company of a supervising adult.

Should individual needs regarding visitation need to be discussed, your caregiver and nurse will attempt to work with you. We want to make your stay with us a comfortable and enjoyable one while respecting the needs and privacy of our patients.

OMH’s security policy requires any visitors in the hospital after 8 pm to wear an identification badge. This can be acquired from any nurses station.


How to be a Good Visitor

Thank you for supporting your loved one during their hospital stay. Here are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Please be considerate of all our patients by keeping your visit short – 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Limit the number of visitors in the room to two at a time.
  • Keep volume on radios, TVs, and voices low.
  • Do not sit or place coats, purses, or other articles on the patient’s bed.
  • To avoid spreading germs, do not use the patient’s toilet facilities, or eat and drink from the patient’s tray.
  • If you are sick or know that you’ve been exposed to communicable disease, do not visit until you’re well again.
  • Some patients are on restricted diets, so be sure to check with the nurse or physician before bringing any food or treats when you visit.