Part-Time Benefits

The majority of our employees use OMH facilities and providers for their own health care. As a result, employee healthcare is provided at the hospital’s out-of-pocket cost rather than at full contract rates charged for non-OMH facilities and providers. Cost savings are shared with the employees in two ways:

  1. Payroll withholding increases are lower
  2. Employees pay a significantly lower share of the total cost of the employee healthcare plan in comparison to the average across the state of Michigan


Employees that work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible for the following healthcare benefits:

  • Afternoon shift
    $1.00 per hour
  • Night shift
    $2.00 per hour
  • Overtime
    time and one-half
Incentive Pay

An extra $1.00 per hour when called in to work on days other than those which were scheduled

Paid Time Off
(Subject to 90-day qualifying period)

50% cash reimbursement for unused accumulated time to maximum of 80 hours per calendar year; when cashing out, must maintain minimum of 24 hours; rollover maximum of 80 hours

Years of Service  /  Accrual Rate x Number of Worked Hours Per Day:

  1 year  – 0.0692
2 years – 0.0731
3 years – 0.0769
4 years – 0.0808
5 years – 0.0846
6 years – 0.0885
7 years – 0.0923
8 years – 0.0968
9 years – 0.1000
10 years – 0.1038
11 years – 0.1077


Double time for hours worked on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
Health Insurance

Individual, 2-Person or Family coverage is available for part-time employees who work 30 hours or more per week. Coverage is effective on the 1st of the month following completion of 60 days. Employees can select from 2 Medical plan options under Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

  1. The Core Plan is the recommended option for employees who utilize OMH services and physicians. This plan has a lower monthly cost to the employee. The deductibles are $400 per member, $800 per family. Under this plan, covered services provided by OMH and OMH providers (including an expanded list of providers outside OMH based on employee utilization) are considered In-Network and covered at the In-Network level with a 15% employee coinsurance. The In-Network co-pays are $15 for Office Visit, $35 for Specialists and Urgent Care (if rendered by an BCBS PPO provider) and $150 for Emergency Room Visit. Services not available through OMH or an OMH provider such as Dermatology, Neurology etc. are considered In-Network and covered at that level of benefits if provided by a BCBS PPO provider. Services (other than Emergency Room Visit and Urgent Care) that are offered by OMH or an OMH provider but rendered by an Out-of Network provider are not covered. 
  2. The Enhanced Plan is offered at a higher monthly cost to the employee with higher out-of pocket costs (deductibles and co-pays) but has the option of coverage for services provided outside the “OMH Network” as long as the services are rendered by a BCBS PPO provider. This a 3-tiered plan with 3 levels of coverage. The Tier 1 level of coverage is for services rendered by an “OMH Network” provider, the Tier 2 level of coverage is for services rendered outside the “OMH Network” but by a BCBS PPO provider and the Tier 3 level of coverage is for care rendered by an Out-of Network provider (one who is not a BCBS PPO provider.

Both the Core Plan and Enhanced Plan include prescription drug coverage. The Dental/Vision is also the same for both plans and is a stand-alone option (employees can purchase the Medical/RX only, Dental/Vision only, or the Medical only or the Medical/RX with the Dental/Vision). Employees can also select Individual, 2-Person or Family coverage. Coverage is effective on the first of the month following completion of 60 days.

OMH Pharmacy Prescription Plan for Employees

Employees and their dependents who participate in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance provided by OMH may fill their prescriptions through the OMH Pharmacy for further discounts. With certain drugs, the copay is waived

Professional Liability Insurance

The Hospital’s liability insurance coverage extends to employees while on Hospital premises or on assigned duties of the Hospital

College Savings Plans

The Hospital offers CollegeAmerica, a convenient college savings plan with tax advantages. In addition, employees can invest through payroll deduction in the tax-advantaged Michigan Education Savings Plan

Direct Deposit of Payroll Check

Employees have the advantage and convenience of direct deposit.  Direct deposit automatically transfers the net amount of the paycheck to the account specified by the employee so that the money is available for his/her use on payday.  Employees may choose to have the net amount of their paychecks deposited into an account they have established with any financial institution in the U.S. that participates in the electronic transfer of funds clearinghouse

Tuition Assistance

Reimbursement for staff members pursuing education in a health care field; per approval through an application process, 80% tuition reimbursement up to $2500 for full-time employees and 80% tuition reimbursement up to $1250 for part-time employees; 1 year of employment required    


Annual employer contribution of 2% of annual salary for eligible employees (those completing 1 year of service of 1000 hours or more) and additional 2% employer matching contribution available with employee contribution of 2% through payroll deduction; other tax deferred saving opportunities available through payroll deduction

For an overview of benefits for full-time employees, visit the Full-Time Benefits page.